Rachel WhaleHeart Yung
High Vibrational Light Frequency
WhaleHeart SalamonRachel WhaleHeart Yung

Raise your vibrational frequency, to make your life more abundant in every way and to unleash your unlimited potential.

Coaching Inner Transformation for Adults, Individual, Couples, Families and Groups.

My service includes:
~ Transformative Life Counseling
~ Healing - High Vibrational Light Frequency
~ Multi Dimensional Intuitive Reading
~ Telepathic Light Communication
~ WhaleHeart Sound Transmission
~ Ecstatic Whale Breathwork Journey

Face to face – at my Office
Telephone & Skype/Messenger
On Location (Travel expenses €0.25 per km)
One-on-one workshops and small group workshops
All Sessions are by Appointment only

Session language : Dutch and English

60 minutes - €110
90 minutes - €165
120 minutes - €220

"Like the Whales...
Each of Us has a Unique Song or Gift
to offer the World,
as it is meant to be
Heard by Others"

Location: Wilrijk - Antwerp - Belgium
Email: Rachel.Whaleheart@gmail.com
Facebook: Rachel WhaleHeart Yung

I offer for FREE a UNIQUE and TRANSFORMATIONAL GIFT from the Source of Light has arrived to those who are willing to RAISE their FREQUENCY ...

Before you watch, feel and listen, I do recommend you to read further

I had a amazing one-to-one spiritual hypnotherapy session with a well-known by Hypnotherapist Alba Weinman... And Wow..it has been a Magical, profound and intense experience!
This session will activate your DNA and Magically enhance your Life. You will be able to feel the Powerful Light Energy transmitting (activation) through your cells and will uplift your frequency.

To my surprise... A Powerful Loving and Magical Light Intelligence called 'Salamon' came through for the very first time and has uplifting information to share with humanity. I also saw and felt the lifting of the veil as a light is activated within all of us to change us from within. Living in the NOW, Joy, Magic, Higher Frequency. The Majestic Whales has also returned to bring forth a message and their vocalisation frequency is more Powerful are also felt very strongly.

I do recommend to watch from the beginning to the end... While you watch and listen, your frequency will slowly build up and will increase more and more.
Be aware, for some viewers... the first 25 minutes could be quite difficult to watch, but know that all is well.

To get the most benefit of this powerful frequency (attunement, activation)...it's adviceble to listen when you are at peace and with headset or earplugs and that no one can disturb you.. .

Let Us All UNITE and let YOUR LIGHT SHINE for ALL the WORLD to see!


Much love and Whaley Blessings, Rachel WhaleHeart & Salomon