met Voelbare Hoge TrillingsFrequentie
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Rachel WhaleHeart Yung
Rachel WhaleHeart Yung

"Like the Whales...
Each of Us has a Unique Song or Gift
to offer the World,
as it is meant to be
Heard by Others"
Wat bied ik aan?

Multi Dimensional Reading - Healing - Transmission
met Voelbare Hoge TrillingsFrequentie

Transformative Life Counseling
Multi Dimensional Intuďtieve Reading
Telepathic Light Communication
WhaleHeart Sound Transmission

Coaching innerlijke Transformatie voor Hoog Sensitieve Kinderen en
Volwassenen, Individueel, Koppels, Gezinnen en Groepen

Consult is mogelijk in de Praktijk te Wilrijk of bij U thuis
via Skype - Messenger - Telefoon
Investeer in JEZELF
Duur: 60 minuten - €110
Duur: 90 minuten - € 165
Duur: 120 minuten - € 220
"Everyone is born with unique gifts and strengths,
and when you make the most of your abilities,
you’ll improve your relationships, do better at work,
and feel more fulfilled in your day-to-day life."
"We all have a beautiful Light within...
We just sometimes forget it is there"
Locatie: Wilrijk - Antwerpen - België
Contacteer mij voor meer info Tel: +32 (0) 497 40 20 20
Facebook: Rachel WhaleHeart Yung